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Low Fat Rice

    Rice is a staple in most of the countries especially in Asia. A staple meaning, a food that is consumed by a large portion of community as a bulk or main part of diet.     Though rice is main food of Asia, but due to vast transportation since a long period of time, it has become a predominant item in diet of many countries such as Africa, United States, etc.     China and then India are two main countries that cultivate rice in large amount. Then come, are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, etc.     Rice is starchy food and with high glycemic index, and this why, many people avoid this nutritious food. If cooked and ate properly, especially brown rice may not cause any harm. Repeated reheating, or keeping rice in refrigerator for more than 24 hours, may lost its nutritional value.  Nutrients Present in Rice -       Before considering the nutritional value, we will have a look on the white rice and brown rice. Brown rice contains the bran and germ. It is considered as whole gra


        🎆 🎆🎆🎆  Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous, and H E A L T H Y D I W A L I !! 🎆 🎆🎆🎆                  It's a festival time! that means a time of fun and delicious food! Definitely, we should enjoy our festivals without burden of any food ( like diet food ).                But we should be aware that the fun of the festival should remain intact without disturbing our health. Many Diabetics feel that Diabetes Mellitus is standing in front of them with arms akimbo, and scaring them. Some heart patients may face the same situation, in festival time. And the most confusing situation is for those who have just started the weight loss therapy.               Here are some guidelines that you can follow to maintain health and enjoy the flavor of the festival. But before that I would make you remember this is general information, you do consult your physician or dietitian if you have any medical emergency or any health issue.                   First of all, just have plent

How to get Glowing Face.....?!!!

                    Glowing face, the beauty begins with glowing face, and getting this glow in one day or overnight is not possible without any miracle. There may be too many attracting or fishing advertisements on your android apps, on social media on your TV screen, but we should know about our skin first and its glow, because every skin texture differs from individual to individuals.           For every good result, we have to take some effort. Similarly here too, you have to go through this  article, and implement the tips given to enhance your face beauty and glow with easy and harmless methods.           Many time we read or hear wash face many times in a day to clean it up, but does it gets clean really? Definitely, no! it just cleans the external surface or skin not the inner derangement that is reflecting on face and making the look dull.            But if we can wash our face, thoroughly!! can we? Definitely, yessss,,. simply by drinking plenty of water , fresh fruit juices