Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans Prognosis

       Cancer - a life threatening disease. It is an autoimmune disease, where some of the body cell grow out of body's control and spread throughout the body. These abnormal body cells start destruction of normal body cell.       Cancer is due to some genetic changes in DNA structure of body. The normal body cells have a life span , but when there are such type of changes in DNA, these body cells do not die, rather they grow up and disturb the function of normally working cells.       There are some common cancers such as Lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, etc. There are some rare cancers also, that do not occur in general, and they may have no spreading speed as these common cancers have.  Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, is one of the rare type sarcoma.        Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) is generally a flesh colored or reddish purplish colored firm patch of skin. It occurs generally in the middle layer of skin. From there, it c

How to deal with Tonsillitis ?



        Tonsillitis is a very common condition seen throughout the year, whenever the tonsils get inflamed. Tonsils are our soldiers in body, and do not allow infective organisms to entre our respiratory tract, or intestine. 

            They fight against germs that entre through nose or mouth. They are two, one on each side in the backside of internal throat. It is also called lymph organ that has important role in our immune system. These tonsils have M cells, that send a alert message to the other immune sells i.e. B and T cells. 

        Children are more commonly affected by the tonsillitis. The infection can be of milder form or may get worse by fully infected tonsils with pus formation in them. The condition may be called as quinsy    

        As children are affected, adults can be affected similarly, with painful enlarge tonsils. In some people there is recurrent attack of tonsillitis common infection is of Staphylococci bacteria. 

         Generally, in younger children the tonsils are infected by viruses and in elder children by bacterial infection. 

       In our body there is an important system called lymphatic system, that play a role in fighting against the germs or microbes that enter our body. Tonsils are lymph organs with lymph in them. 

         Whenever there is viral ( mostly adeno virus, rhino virus, or influenza virus) or bacterial infection( generally group A Streptococci ), tonsils get in action, the immune cells present in them recognize the foreign micro-organisms, start fighting against them and kill them.  

        Following the infection, the signs of inflammation also start. Tonsils get swollen, become red, and painful.  

         In rainy season as there are many microbes present in air get interacted with our respiratory system and affect tonsils.      

             Tonsillitis according to there signs presentation can be classified as: 

    a. Catarrhal tonsillitis - when there is infection of oropharynx with much mucus secretion.
    b. Membranous tonsillitis - when there is a membrane forms over tonsils due to exudation.
    c. Parenchymatous tonsillitis - when the tonsils are congested and swollen .

Common symptoms of tonsillitis may be -

  • Pain in throat while swallowing either food or drink
  • Sore throat, with hoarseness of voice
  • Pain on touch 
  • Fever, may be of mild to moderate degree
  • Tired, lethargy feeling with malaise and body ache
  • There may be bad smelling breath due accumulation of pus in tonsils
  • Lymph nodes in the neck region may be persistently palpable and tender
  • Cough
  • Ear ache may be with throat pain
  • Yellow patches on tonsils
  • Difficulty in opening mouth due to enlarged tonsils
  • Enlarged tonsils may cause snoring
  • Restless sleep
        The tonsillitis can be acute or chronic in presentation and according can be treat. In acute complaints with mild symptoms some home remedies are helpful, but recurrent or chronic infection requires medical aid to get relief. 

         When acute tonsillitis with milder signs and symptoms is disturbing your daily routine you can go with following home remedies -

  • Salt water gargling is one of the best way to give soothing effect to painful sore throat. Salt water helps reduce the effect of inflammation and infection, too. It also helps clear mucus from throat, gives a time being relief. Therefore it is suggestive to have ten to fifteen times salt water gargling in day to get easy with throat complaints.
  • Warm tea or coffee can be helpful to reduce the pain and inflammation. Honey, with warm water can also be having soothing effect to relieve infection as honey has antibacterial property. A home-made Kadha prepared with basil leaves, black pepper, clove, ginger, lemon boiled with water, is strong anti bacterial as well as antiviral effect. 
  • Drinking any warm liquid is helpful, but sometimes warm may cause pain at that time ice chips chewing can be helpful to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. 
  • To reduce use of voice can give relief to vocal cords and help improve from the conditions. Having small size globules of turmeric and jaggery helps to improve voice in hoarseness of voice. 
  • Inhaling mint leaves steam can give soothing effect and is helpful as antibacterial.   

    If the condition is not controlled with the home remedies, you can call your Homoeopath, as Homoeopathy has lots of medicine to give immediate effect for tonsillitis
         - Belladona, if there is red and enlarged tonsils with pain while swallowing even liquid, 
         - Hepar sulph when there is pus in tonsils and difficulty in deglutition, 
         - Amm. Carb when pain through out the throat, neck lymph nodes are also enlarged and painful, 
         - Cal. Carb is one important medicine indicated in chronic type of tonsillitis. 
etc. there are many Homoeopathic medicines that may serve best to deal with tonsillitis. But the treatment to be taken with Homoeopath's supervision only.

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