Low Fat Rice

    Rice is a staple in most of the countries especially in Asia. A staple meaning, a food that is consumed by a large portion of community as a bulk or main part of diet.     Though rice is main food of Asia, but due to vast transportation since a long period of time, it has become a predominant item in diet of many countries such as Africa, United States, etc.     China and then India are two main countries that cultivate rice in large amount. Then come, are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, etc.     Rice is starchy food and with high glycemic index, and this why, many people avoid this nutritious food. If cooked and ate properly, especially brown rice may not cause any harm. Repeated reheating, or keeping rice in refrigerator for more than 24 hours, may lost its nutritional value.  Nutrients Present in Rice -       Before considering the nutritional value, we will have a look on the white rice and brown rice. Brown rice contains the bran and germ. It is considered as whole gra

Best Smoothie For Weight Loss


    Smoothie is a drink made by blending fruits and vegetables or fruits, vegetables and nuts in blender. It has a liquid or semisolid base. It is pureeing of the uncooked food and dairy item such as milk, yogurt, buttermilk, ice-cream, fresh cream, etc. Smoothie is becoming one of the favorite drinks or meals for health conscious people.

As One Meal -

    Whenever smoothie is replace with one meal say, lunch, it should be fulfilled with at least two high protein food and other nutrients. 

    According to type of meal, such as breakfast meal or lunch, the ingredients can be changed. 

    If lunch is replaced with smoothie, source of carbohydrates such as pumpkin seeds, or oats etc., with one fruit, a source of fibers such as about 100 gm of leafy vegetable, one source pf healthy fats such as flax seeds, or some nuts like almond nuts or walnut, and one serving of dairy product is added. 

    For proteins, almond nuts, walnuts, coconut or soya chunks can be added. About six - seven almonds without peel, one walnut, about 8 gm of coconut, any one or two can be added in one meal. About 15 grams of soya chunks are suggested, when smoothie is in place of lunch. 

    In dairy product, yogurt or buttermilk can be preferred, if any of vegetable is rich with vitamin C. Ice- cream can be added, and for sweetener, honey can be added.  

    When smoothie is served as breakfast meal, you can add sprouts, peanuts, buttermilk, a teaspoon of honey, some flax seeds or fennel seeds to add antioxidants, & lemon juice.

Make Smoothie Tasty -

    Many people skip smoothie, in their diet as they do not like the taste or flavor of it. Some times because of some vegetables added in smoothie, it gives strong or unpleasant taste. Therefore, most of the people skip this healthy and easy recipe from their diet. 

    Adding some citrus fruits like orange or plums as ingredients of smoothie, and a teaspoon of lemon juice or fennel seeds, your smoothie not only becomes tasty but gets boosted with antioxidants. Instead of dairy milk you can add almond milk or almond yogurt.

    Instead of sugar add dates to increase the taste of your drink. 

Smoothie For Weight Loss - 

    Your dietitian always will recommend you to add smoothie in your daily diet. The important ingredients for weight loss smoothie include fibrous food like vegetables, flax seeds or chia seeds, no sugar healthy fats like in  walnuts, or almond nuts. 

    You can add peeled avocado, lemon juice, coconut milk instead of dairy milk, low glycemic fruits, etc., can help reduce weight. Cucumber, carrots, beetroots can be added to weight loss smoothie, that are sufficient with fibers. Fibers help to give fullness feeling for a longer time. 

Some Smoothie Recipes -

    Easy to prepare and healthy drink, can be one substitute for weight loss diet. Some most recommended smoothie recipes are shared here. According to meal you can add or cut down the ingredients in it. 

    Most of the time suggested one is spinach smoothies. Many of you might have made face to the name. But as mentioned above if you add some fennel seeds or half lemon juice, and a tea spoon of honey, one citrus fruit, some slices of cucumber, 3 to cashew nuts or almonds, it will become one of your favorite drink. 

    One more smoothie is recommended for children and adults also, is energy boosting smoothie. This drink include protein base ingredients such as peanuts, flax seeds, a small piece of jaggery, you can add some dark chocolates, fruits like banana or berries, etc., and garnish with Choco chips.

    Similarly, you can make your own recipe of smoothie adding healthy food to it and serve to your dear ones, and to yourself. 

Everyday Smoothie - 

    You can take on meal as smoothie, provided that the ingredients should contain proteins healthy fats, low or no simple sugar, sufficient fibers and antioxidants in it. 

    You can make a chart of everyday smoothie, such as one day protein smoothie that will include whey protein, one day chocolate smoothie with black chocolate in it, like wise. This will keep your daily diet, refreshing and you will not get bored with this amazing super drink. 

Side Effect - 

    Including simple sugar in smoothie, can cause increase blood glucose level. The ingredients to be chosen according to your body need, otherwise it can upset your stomach.

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