Low Fat Rice

    Rice is a staple in most of the countries especially in Asia. A staple meaning, a food that is consumed by a large portion of community as a bulk or main part of diet.     Though rice is main food of Asia, but due to vast transportation since a long period of time, it has become a predominant item in diet of many countries such as Africa, United States, etc.     China and then India are two main countries that cultivate rice in large amount. Then come, are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, etc.     Rice is starchy food and with high glycemic index, and this why, many people avoid this nutritious food. If cooked and ate properly, especially brown rice may not cause any harm. Repeated reheating, or keeping rice in refrigerator for more than 24 hours, may lost its nutritional value.  Nutrients Present in Rice -       Before considering the nutritional value, we will have a look on the white rice and brown rice. Brown rice contains the bran and germ. It is considered as whole gra

Menopause Weight Gain


    About 30%  to 35 %  women, few years after menopause become not only overweight but obese. This is generally seen in 55 to 60 age group females.

    Women after their forties, feel some unexperienced changes in their bodies. The exact year we can not point here as it may  be from forty five to fifty five, two to three years up or down. They feel such because of the a new milestone they are achieving here. IT is called as Menopause - cessation of menstrual cycles. 

    The period of menopause is also can be predicted, it can a month or two, or itn some women it may take six months to one year. 

    During this period of menopause, women experience, some hormonal changes that are presented by excess menstrual flow, or no menses at the every month. They can feel some mood swings like they can be sad for no reason or can get irritate for what they can not explained. 

    Similarly, many women can be at very scary door step of weight gain. Yes! weight gain. Many women after menopause start gaining weight. And any way, if you are gaining weight, it will definitely bring other health issue with that obesity.

Why Weight Gain After Menopause -

    Before  going to the causes of weight gain in women after menopause , first we will try to understand what Estrogen hormone is. 

    Estrogen is a part of women life. it make help them to menstruate, to be pregnant, in lactation, etc. It gives shape and strength to women body. Estrogen makes women pelvis wider so that they can give birth to new life. 

    This super hormone also help women to regulate their moods, regulates secretion and stimulation of many other hormones and brain development.

    One study on animals, suggest that lower level of this hormone in blood, causes more eating of that animal and low physical activities. 

    According to this study, when there is low level of estrogen in blood circulation may cause lower metabolic rate. This low metabolic rate, reduces the consumption of calories and thus promotes weight gain.

What Are Risks OF Weight Gain -

    Obesity or overweight never come alone. These guests may be with their family members, such as Diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases,  etc. 

    When any one or two of these get their entry in your body, they may have again their own guests. Then slowly other vital organs like liver, kidneys, may show pathological changes.

    Other non pathological changes can be like dependency on others for day to day activities. If this increasing weight is not control in time, can cause gross irreversible pathology. 

How To Get Rid Of This -

    The weight gain during and after menopause, can be controlled by some modifications in lifestyle, such as 

  • Eating fibrous food
  • Eating plenty of leafy vegetables help increase diet fibers
  • Regular eating some nuts like almonds, walnuts, that may help to control blood cholesterol
  • Eating flax seeds can help weight loss
  • Take enough sleep
  • Eat small meals at regular intervals
  • Regular exercise, such as brisk walk, workouts, Yoga help control weight at one point
  • Keep yourself hydrated, drink sufficient water
  • Once or twice in a week drink green tea, or hibiscus tea
    These are some tips that you can follow not only after menopause but also during or before menopause and men can follow these health tips.

    Few tips that help to maintain or increase estrogen level so that the other symptoms of women can be relieved even after menopause are -
  • Eat food that contain phytoestrogen
  • Food such as soya milk, almond milk, dairy milk are good source of it
  • Flaxseeds, fennel seeds can improve digestion and may help to maintain estrogen level

Can I Prevent This Scary Milestone? -  

    If you are thinking to prevent menopause, then it is not possible. You have to face this change of life. But the things you can prevent are the symptoms of menopause, and other complications due to it.

    As mentioned above, have some modifications in  your diet, do regular exercise and if you observe any abnormal sign or symptom please approach your gynecologist or Homoeopath, they can help you make your menopause easier.

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