Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans Prognosis

       Cancer - a life threatening disease. It is an autoimmune disease, where some of the body cell grow out of body's control and spread throughout the body. These abnormal body cells start destruction of normal body cell.       Cancer is due to some genetic changes in DNA structure of body. The normal body cells have a life span , but when there are such type of changes in DNA, these body cells do not die, rather they grow up and disturb the function of normally working cells.       There are some common cancers such as Lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, etc. There are some rare cancers also, that do not occur in general, and they may have no spreading speed as these common cancers have.  Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, is one of the rare type sarcoma.        Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) is generally a flesh colored or reddish purplish colored firm patch of skin. It occurs generally in the middle layer of skin. From there, it c

Homoeopathic Remedy For Varicose Veins Treatment


    Many people suffer from this painful varicose veins. It can be said the punishment of standing posture to humans. Gravity has its role in this health problem. 

    The word varicose itself means abnormally swollen, dilated or twisted veins. The word come from Latin word varix, that means twisted. 

    Now a days sclerotherapy, is a treatment of choice for these varicose veins. In this treatment an irritating solution is being injected in the veins , to make them narrow. 

Pathophysiology - 

    Blood from the lower part of our body returns to heart against gravity. The inferior vena cava collects blood from the superficial and deep venous system of lower extremities and poured in the right ventricle. The major veins involved are saphenous vein and femoral vein.

    There are delicate but strong bicuspid valves located at the base of dilated sinus of vein and prevent the backflow of deoxygenated blood. The strength and density of valves is greater at the calf muscles. 

    There may valvular incompetence. The valves may lost their elastin an collagen resulting in dilatation and separation of valves. In case of damage to this mechanism of valve closure, results in dilation of the veins. This gradually increases and results in varicosity.

Risk Factors - 

    Pregnancy, obesity, family history, long standing job, sitting for a long time, leg injury, these can be the common risk factors for the varicosity. Regular walking can prevent the condition. In women after menopause, due to hormonal changes, varicosity is seen. 

Clinical Features - 

    Signs are swollen bluish- purplish veins. Twisted veins on lower extremities especially on calves. Ankles and feet may be swollen. The area around the bulge of varicose vein may show discolored patches.

    Symptoms include, pain in calf muscles. Legs may feel heavy and tired. Patient may have cramps in leg muscles. At night, pain may disturb your sleep. 

    In some patients there may be itching of the affected area of legs. There may be  burning pain in lower extremities.  

    Long time standing may increase the pain and swelling. In warmer climate, patient may feel painful. 

How to recognize the warning - 

    If you feel tired after a long standing job, or you have reddish smaller spots on skin at lower legs, you can consult your physician and prevent the further damage. 

    If you have visible veins at surface on legs, or at the end of the day your feet are swollen, this can indicate that you are at risk of varicosity. 

Complication - 

    As the venous stasis does not drain sufficient blood from the skin surface, it may result in open ulcer. Edema, cellulitis may be the further complications in neglected cases. 

    Inflammation of veins called thrombophlebitis, can be the end result of varicosity, if not treated at time.  That can be painful. 

Management to reduce the complaints - 

    Compression therapy, elevating legs in lying down position, losing weight, walking, regular exercise can be helpful to manage the problem and prevent the complication.  

     Some dietetic changes such as including two to three cloves of garlic in diet may help reduce varicose veins.

Homoeopathic treatment- 

    Homoeopathy includes a treasure of brilliant remedies in it. In this science of treatment, there are some drugs with action on blood vessels. They act deeply on the veins and may help reverse the condition. In late phase, on complicated cases, the Homoeopathic drugs at least may help lower the sufferings.


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